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Our Next 30 Years!

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

green water background with Servpro logo and 30 years logo 1990-2020 2020 makes SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley's 30th year in the Kanawha & Teays Valleys.

As the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2019, and the world ushered in a New Year and decade, we here at SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley were ringing in the beginning of our 30th year in business. In 1990 when David and Rachael Duff opened the doors to this exciting and promising new franchise they could have only dreamed about the growth and success that their young company would experience.

30 years is a tremendous milestone for any organization. In the highly competitive business climate that we see today there are several things required to consistently stay relevant in the industry. First and foremost is quality. It’s been said that, “Quality is the best business plan,” and we couldn’t agree more. From the attention to detail that our production teams strive to assure in every job, to the diligence in the communication and follow-up from our customer support staff. SERVPRO® of North Kanawha and Teays Valley have always gone the extra mile when performing your mitigation and restoration projects from beginning to end.

10 years ago David and Rachel passed the torch to their daughter and son in law, Julie and Stephen Reynolds. As time has passed and new technologies and practices have come and gone, one thing has remained the same; an unwavering commitment to quality. When Stephen and Julie took over the company in 2010 along with it came the knowledge, experience and expertise that they gained while working under the outstanding leadership of the Duffs. The same dedication to quality and customer service that lead to SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley first 30 years of industry leadership will carry us valiantly into our next 30 years of making it “Like it never even happened.”

30 years of New math

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

Different numbers in different colors with the number 30 enlarged. 30 years of new math. The numbers may look jumbled, but that adds up to a great number of years of service to the community.


No, this is not some weird “new math” countdown. These number 30 represent the years SERVPRO of North Kanawha & Teays Valley has been in the valley.  25, 21, 19, 14, 11, 7, 6, 4 are the years of service that some of our great employees have given to the community.  That length of service accounts for countless certifications, tons of hands-on experience, and extensive training in all areas of the restoration industry, as well as the construction trades.

Employee retention is one of the many positives of a locally owned and operated business. We find that out-of-state companies may not hire in-state employees at all and if they do hire our people, they typically don’t find the same loyalty as an employee working for a local company because they are more concerned with the bottom dollar and not necessarily the health and wellbeing of their employee as well as the impact those employees have on our local communities and economy.

When local companies hire within their community it is usually a win, win situation. Employees are typically better compensated as far as pay, benefits, and more flexible scheduling, which in turn translates not only into more money being put back into the local economy but also more time put back into volunteering and community involvement as well as a healthier community overall. The local company is in turn compensated with a more faithful and dedicated employee who is more willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley has been servicing Charleston, WV and the surrounding areas for almost 3 decades now and we have invested in our employees, which has in turn translated into quality service to our customers. If you have used our services; thank you, and if you find yourself in need of restoration services please consider your locally owned and operated SERVPRO because using out-of-state companies just doesn’t add up.

New Year, New You!

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

Black and White photo of a hand holding a sparkler. Happy New Year.

As we have entered the year 2020 preparedness is always top on our mind and with each New Year, many people make resolutions to better themselves or some part of their life.  This year, make a resolution to be READY.  No one ever plans for a disaster, but you can prepare for it.  The SERVPRO® Emergency READY Profile (ERP) will help ensure you are “Ready for whatever happens” in the year to come.

Planning is the key to making it through any size disaster, whether it is a small water leak, a fire, or an area flood.  Having an emergency plan in place helps minimize the amount of time that it takes to get you back to preloss conditions.  The ERP (Emergency Readiness Plan) is a no-cost assessment to a comprehensive document containing critical information about your business, including emergency contacts, shut-off valve locations, and priority areas.  It takes little time to complete the assessment, making it a great value that could save you time and money in the future.  The information is also provided to you by downloading a free app on your smartphone or tablet.  The SERVPRO® READY app, putting all of this vital information at your fingertips, anywhere you may be.  Call us today (304)755-9510 to set up an appointment to get you “Ready for whatever happens”.

It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Arc

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Mold under Kitchen cabinet Mold growing from an undiscovered water leak in a waterless hot water system. We found this as we were doing an ERP for an insurance agent.

We truly hope you don’t have an emergency of Biblical proportions like ol Noah did, but unfortunately neither we, nor you control those types of disasters. We can however help you be prepared for the storms of life by preparing you an Emergency Ready Plan for your business. In some cases, as you will see, we can even help prevent a disaster by finding ongoing issues during our inspection of your properties.

A few weeks ago we did an Emergency Readiness Plan for a local insurance agency in Hurricane, WV. As we do these ERP we have to find all the shutoffs for the businesses as well as key areas for immediate response during an incident such as a fire, or water damage. Also during the initial inspections, we look for potential maintenance issues that may present a potential problem so we can point them out to the responsible party to get corrected. During this particular inspection, we noticed a small area of mold under the kitchen sink. When we started moving items out from under the cabinet we also noticed standing water on the floor of the cabinet. Upon further inspection, we found that the waterless hot water system had a small leak and was causing the initial issues, which by the way, was the perfect condition for mold to grow with the moisture, a food source and temperature all being present in the correct amounts.

This could have been a huge problem in two ways if this leak had not been discovered during our inspection. The first could have been a major water damage in the office if the pipe had busted completely and secondly, it had the potential of becoming an even more costly mold issue with serious health issues for the building occupants. Luckily we found the leak in time and the building owner was able to resolve the problem and all we had to do was mitigate a small area of mold.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today for your complimentary ERP so you can be prepared ahead of a disaster, or even cut a disaster off at the pass. Visit our ERP page at to check it out and give us a call to schedule yours at 304-755-9510.

Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

Looking inside a garage attched to a home that had a fire.  The door being closed help minimize the damage to the home. The door being closed during this house fire helped extremely reduce the amount of damage that this fire could have caused to this home.

Your nightly routine can (and should) include brushing your teeth, washing your face, and getting into comfy PJ’s, but one step that is frequently missed is closing your bedroom door. Nearly 60% of people sleep with their bedroom doors open, according to the safety science organization UL. That simple choice could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a house fire. Most people sleep with the door open because they mistakenly believe that it is safer, but it is the exact opposite.

After more than a decade of research, it has been found that closing your door can slow fire spreading, reduce toxic smoke level, improve oxygen levels and decrease temperature. All of which increase survival. The temperature in a room during a house fire is significantly different when it comes to open verses closed bedroom doors. It is reported that the temperature of a room with a closed-door during a house fire is around 100 degrees, while if the door is left open during a house fire, the temperature can quickly climb to around 1000 degrees.

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) a house fire occurs somewhere in the United States every 88 seconds. The innovations in home furnishings, layouts, and construction over the last 40 years have reduced the average time to escape a home fire from 17 minutes to three minutes or less.

Check out this video from the National Fire Protection Association and watch how important closed doors are while you are sleeping.


The Chase Is On

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician holding a meter in a crawlspace. SERVPRO technician holding a meter checking the readings in a crawlspace.

As our industry changes and with more competition moving into our area we are faced with finding different ways of attaining new business. We cherish our long term customers, but with any business to be successful, it must constantly find new opportunities. SERVPRO® corporate as a whole has many contracts, relationships and national accounts with a multitude of insurance carriers, property management companies as well as major industry leaders in a wide variety of fields that its franchises benefit from. These relationships are very helpful to the locally owned and operated franchises, but we cannot solely rely on our corporate contacts to drive our local business. In order to maintain, as well as add to, our customer base SERVPRO® of North Kanawha & Teays Valley has built a marketing team that is responsible for making sure our current customers are getting the best service possible as well as working to add new customers. This is achieved through various means such as advertising, monthly sales routes, website, and social media maintenance, community service, and relationship-building activities and events. These forms of marketing have been very successful for 30 years, but one of the ways we are adding new customers is through our Commercial Priority Response program. SERVPRO® has always been an industry leader in residential restoration services, but over the last 10 plus years or so we have become the go-to for commercial restoration as well. We apply the same concepts of, excellent customer service, having highly trained technicians, and practicing excellent communication with the customers through an entire project, to our commercial jobs that we practice on our residential jobs. The Commercial Priority Response program has one small twist that our residential side does not have and that’s the element of the chase. We have invested time and money into training priority responders to actually watch for commercial opportunities as they may arise. These responders will then be dispatched to the site of an incident to see what services SERVPRO® may provide. A lot of times the scene of these incidents can be very chaotic especially immediately after First Responders have left the scene. The potential customer will be overwhelmed and in a lot of cases won’t have a clue as to what to do next. That’s where our Priority Responder can bring some semblance of order to the chaos by putting the customer at ease with a plan that will allow the business to get back up and running as quickly as possible. With statistics showing that over 40 % of businesses that experience a disaster never reopen, it is critical that a plan is made and executed as quickly as possible. Now, SERVPRO® would rather have a relationship with the business long before an event happens and have a plan in place already , but unfortunately in some cases we won’t and it becomes necessary to start our relationship at a very trying time for the customer. So, when you see a SERVPRO of North Kanawha & Teays Valley vehicle at the scene of a commercial fire or another type of loss, sometimes even before First Responders have left the scene, you can be assured that we have the customer’s best interest in mind and are preparing to Make It "Like it never even happened".

Ease The Freeze

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Protect your water lines by insulating them to keep the cold weather off of them. Protect your water lines by insulating them to keep the cold weather.

Ease the Freeze

                Now that this extended summer has seemingly loosened its grip, it’s time to start preparing ourselves for colder temperatures. With the changing of the seasons, and winter approaching, a whole new list of home maintenance tasks fills our “To Do” lists. Ensuring that our homes are properly insulated is not only important for keeping energy costs down but it is a necessity for protecting our property from damage due to frozen and burst water lines.

                Easily neglected and taken for granted are the pipes that supply our home with fresh running water. These pipes are often made of soft copper or PVC and are extremely vulnerable to freezing conditions. If any of your pipes run through a crawl space or attic they might be at an especially high risk of freezing due to a lack of insolation and by not being enclosed in climate a controlled space. An easy way to protect these pipes is by applying special pipe insulation directly to the exposed areas.

                Aside from the inconvenience of running water that can be caused by frozen pipes, an even greater risk of damage exists when these pipes freeze and then burst. When water freezes inside the pipe it causes pressure to build between the blockage and closed faucet. This pressure can build so much that the line will actually rupture. A crack as small as 1/8th inch can cause up to 250 gallons of water to flood your home in as little as 24 hours.

                Mother Nature has a knack for attacking us where we are the most vulnerable and unsuspecting. If she happens to stick you with a sucker-punch, just know that SERVPRO® of North Kanawha and Teays Valley is there to help at any time in any season.

Why Choosing the Right Restoration Company is So Important After a Disaster in Your Home

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Row of doors.  SERVPRO on the middle door and question marks on the other door options. Choosing the right door, for the right restoration company.

When the aftermath of a storm, fire or any other type of disaster strikes your life, it can be extremely devastating. It’s hard to know what to do and where to begin when trying to pick up the pieces. If there is significant damage to your home, the thought of the cleanup process can be overwhelming. You may find yourself frequently asking if you should do the cleanup yourself to save the cost of hiring a professional. How hard could it be? The cleanup and restoration process after a disaster is a huge job and defiantly not as simple as a DIY job. Many factors need to be considered and many hidden dangers that can get worse if not handled properly. Here are the reasons why it’s best to hire a professional restoration company after a disaster has struck your home.

Smoke and Fire Damage

On the surface, smoke damage doesn’t seem that bad. You may assume that you could probably use a household cleaner to get rid of any marks or stains. However, the danger of smoke damage isn’t necessarily about what you can see, but what you can’t see. Smoke particles are very fine and have a knack for settling into the small crack and crevices of your home. If not removed, the burnt smell can linger in your home for a long period of time, and in some cases permanently. These smoke particles can also irritate your lungs and cause health problems if not cleaned up properly.

Respiratory issues have been found to be associated with the improper treatment of smoke damage. Knowing which areas of your home have been damaged by smoke can very difficult. This is due to some smoke particles being microscopic which can be invisible to the naked eye. With every breath you take, you can be inhaling soot and smoke particles. The air can contain toxic elements that can severely damage your lungs. You may notice that you are coughing or wheezing for no particular reason.

Eye irritation can also be a result of smoke exposure. Fine smoke particles can cause you to have a burning sensation in your eyes. In some extreme cases, the eyes may even swell and it can affect your vision. Seek medical attention if this occurs.

Flood Damage

Flooding can cause extensive damage to your home. The water not only can saturate and destroy your home and its contents but also threaten it with secondary damages such as mold damage. Once the water has receded, you may assume that mopping up the water and placing some fans to dry the area is sufficient enough to keep damage at bay, but depending on the extent of the damage your home may need more than that.  A professional restoration company can accurately assess the damage and create the most efficient mitigation plan to turn your house into a home again. Quickly addressing water damage greatly reduces secondary damaged from occurring.

Water damage left unaddressed may cause mold damage which can occur in as little as 48 hours after water entered your home. Drywall and flooring are particularly susceptible to water damage due to their porous materials. A professional restoration company can make sure that all building materials in your home are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently to minimize the amount of your property need to be discarded or replaced.

Mold is silent and often rears its ugly head after flooding. If the moisture is not removed completely, mold can easily develop, multiply and infest your home. As it grows, it releases spores into the air that can be inhaled by the occupants of the house. These spores can cause serious health problems, especially for those who already have respiratory issues such as asthma. People with allergies, infants, children and the elderly are especially at risk of being harmed by the presence of mold. Every inch of the flooded area must be properly dried and sanitized so that mold is not allowed to prosper.


Whether you have experienced damage from fire, flood, broken pipe or another natural disaster, safety should always be the number one concern. If you have not had a professional assess the damage to your home, there could be a ticking time bomb just waiting to cause havoc in your home. It might be that your floor has been weakened during flooding and it could collapse. Not to mention the damaging effect on your health associated with mold or smoke exposure. After a storm, your roof may be left vulnerable and a quick repair might be all that you need to avoid extreme and costly damages. Having your home properly cleaned and restored by a professional will help keep you and your family safe.

The damaged by a natural disaster or a fire is upsetting and stressful enough. It can be hard to think of spending money on repairs and restoration when you think that you may be able to do it yourself. However, the money should be considered an investment. You are investing in the health and safety of yourself and your family, the structural integrity of your home and the contents within. If you have been affected by a disaster, call a SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley professional today to get your home quickly restored.

Tips For Fall Home Maintance.

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Squirrel popping its head out of a gutter on the side of a house. It's not only the leaves and nuts from the trees that end up in your gutters. Even a few furry friends visit from time to time.

Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Fall shouldn’t be the only time you protect your home but fall is a good reminder to make sure your home is ready to combat the changing weather and potential dangers.

Check All Safety Devices

To ensure safety inside your home, take a moment and check all of your safety devices, making sure the batteries are new and working properly. For example, test all your smoke alarms inside your home. Also, make sure to replace used or expired fire extinguishers.

Fire up the Furnace

Turn your furnace on before the temperatures start to plummet so you can ensure it works. Contact a technician to inspect that it’s operating properly if you suspect it needs servicing. Keeping all flammable materials away from your furnace including clothing, paint products, toxic materials, and cardboard are a good way to minimize the dangers of a house fire.

Inspect the Insulation

Keep the cold air out by checking your insulation around your home in the fall.  Minimizing the cold drafts will allow your furnace to not overwork itself trying to heat your home and minimizing heating bills. 

Give the Heater Some Space

Heaters need space to vent and warm an area without warming things that they shouldn’t like clothing, bedding, drapery, and furniture.   These items should never be left near any type of heater.  Make sure that you read the instructions provided with your heater to ensure that the heater doesn’t require special venting. Remember to always shut them off when you leave the house and do not leave them unattended if you have children or pets.

Fire Safety

Before yourelight your fireplace after the warmer seasons, check your chimney to confirm it’s free of debris and has proper ventilation. Make sure the bricks, mortar, and liner are in good condition. Lastly, use a fireplace screen to keep the sparks from flying all over the place.

Preventing dryer fires by cleaning the filters after each load of wash and removing lint that collects in dryer vents. Just like burning candles, it is never advised to leave a load of laundry in the dryer unattended either.

De-clutter the Gutters

The falling leaves can leave you with quite a mess to clean by removing all debris and leaves from your gutters you can minimize the possibility of damage to your home due to overflowing gutters. If deciding to burn leaves and debris removed from your gutters, check your city’s regulations, as it may be illegal where you live.  If you burn them, do so away from the house and use proper containers.

Trim the Trees

As plants begin to die in the cold weather, make sure you remove any dead branches or decaying limbs on the trees of your property. When weighed down by ice and snow, or blowing in the wind, they can become hazardous and fall on your house or vehicle.

Fall is a time for fun and family. Put these tips into practice today to ensure a safe fall and winter season.

The Abominable Snow melt

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

close up of multiple snow flakes Up close Snowflake frozen to one another.

he Abominable Snowmelt

               The splendor of seasonal snowfall is a beautiful sight to see, but something sinister is sneaking behind those flakes…snowmelt. In West Virginia, dramatic temperature swings are a common occurrence. When periods of significant snowfall are amongst these weather patterns the risk of home and property damage from snow accumulation intensifies. Snow tends to accumulate in areas that are not often impacted by rainfall which can expose vulnerabilities in roofs, walls, and foundations. When repeated instances of freeze and thaw occur the opportunity for devastation increases dramatically. Here are a few tips that might protect your home from the abdominal snowmelt.

  • Remove snow from around your home: snow accumulation near your foundation, windows, and doors can leak into your home once it starts to melt. Remember to shovel any decks, driveways or patios that slope towards your home.
  • Check your roof and gutters: consider hiring a professional to remove the snow from your roof so that water run-off is at a minimum once temperatures rise. If that's not possible, be sure that your gutters are clear so that the water will have a path away from your home. If possible, attach a sloped leader to your downspout that leads run-off at least 10ft from your home.
  • Test your sump pump: if water does get into your basement, you want to be sure it is taken care of quickly. Before the snow starts to melt, test your sump pump and your sump pump discharge pipe to ensure it's in working order.
  • Clear snow from drainage areas: storm drains and catch basins can often get clogged with snow — if you can do so safely, clearing snow from these areas can help keep water away from your home.
  • Rearrange your storage: in case water does get into your basement, be sure to keep any valuables, chemicals, or anything else you'd like to keep dry off the floor.
  • Check your appliances: clear out space around your water heater, furnace, and other appliances. If possible, raising your washer and dryer off the floor could help protect from water damage.
  • Don't try to do too much: getting on ladders or your roof at any time of the year is a risky proposition, even more so when there is snow involved. Clearing snow and gutters is important in the prevention of water damage, but be sure to use a professional to handle any dangerous situations.

Just remember, if being attacked by the Abdominal Snowmelt this winter, the Heroes from SERVPRO North Kanawha and Teays Valley can save you and your home fast then you can say “Yukon Cornelius!”