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Winter Fire Safety

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

Someone hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree Keep yourself and your homes safe this winter season with these winter fire safety tips courtesy of your local SERVPRO.

Winter is here and for West Virginia that means snowy tree branches and white mountain landscapes. The kids are excited to make snow angels and decorate the Christmas Tree and you are busy holiday shopping- all the things that make Winter one of the best times of year. We all know that with cold and snowy days comes the breaking out of our space heaters and firewood and with this comes an obvious fire hazard. Here is everything you need to know about Winter Fire Safety:

  • Keep things that could catch fire at least three feet away from any space heaters or fireplaces
  • Teach kids to stay at least three feet away from any open fires and space heaters
  • Test your smoke alarms monthly
  • Always turn portable heaters off when leaving the room or house and when going to bed
  • Ensure you have a sturdy screen in front of your fireplace to keep sparks and embers from flying out of the fireplace and catching something on fire
  • Never use an oven or stovetop to heat your home

More specifically, here are some fire safety tips for your Christmas Tree, since this is a leading cause of house fires during the holiday season:

  • Pick a tree that has fresh, green needles
  • Place the tree at least three feet away from any heat source
  • Add water to the tree stand daily
  • Always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed
  • Get rid of the tree when it starts becoming dry

Have a safe winter and a joyous holiday season everyone! If your home or business is affected by fire damage from a space heater or dried out Christmas tree, give us a call.

Biohazard Clean-up

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

A before and after of human waste cleanup in Charleston, WV In this photo, we cleaned up human waste from carpet and tile flooring at a biohazard job in Charleston, WV.

SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley is diversified in what we have to offer. Of course, we are most well known for our fire, water and mold cleanup and restoration. However, we do a variety of biohazard cleanups as well. Due to the different situations that warrant a biohazard clean, the services we offer range from cleaning up after an unassisted death to cleaning a home that was broken into where drug paraphernalia was left behind. Most of these situations are dangerous due to the potential exposure to biological and chemical contaminants. Our technicians are highly trained in dealing with contaminants and wear the necessary personal protective gear to do biohazard cleanups. These situations are not ideal, but with the necessary safety apparatus and cleaning products, we can help transform these unhealthy environments back into clean, safe homes and offices. 

If you see yourself in one of these unfortunate circumstances, please give us a call.  


10/27/2021 (Permalink)

A man with dark brown hair wearing a light blue shirt sneezing into his arm Use these tips courtesy of SERVPRO of North Kanawha & Teays Valley to keep yourself healthy this winter

When you look outside, you see orange, yellow and red leaves sprinkled over our beautiful mountains. Soon our mountains will replace the leaves for heaps of snow. This time of year is the most exquisite for West Virginia. However, this time of year has an icky drawback- the sniffles. Parents especially know how frustrating winter-time is when their kids are sick on and off throughout the season. Although we know sometimes illness is inevitable, we hope these tips will help you and your family stay healthy and safe from the sniffles.  

  • Up your vitamin C intake. Better yet, make sure you are taking a multivitamin on a daily basis.  
  • Stay active. It is easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle during cold weather, but this will only do you a disservice.  
  • Keep a humidifier going in your bedroom. This may seem trivial, but making sure the air in your home isn’t too dry can actually keep you from getting ill during the winter.  
  • Keep your workspace clean. Sanitize your desk, phone and other surfaces you touch frequently throughout the day on a regular basis.  
  • Donate Lysol Wipes to your child’s classroom.  Teachers do their best to keep the classroom clean, but it is always nice to make it easier on them with sanitizing wipes.  
  • Put a hand sanitizer clip on your child’s backpack. Get them in the habit of using hand sanitizer often, especially after they get off the bus before they get home. 
  • Wash your hands OFTEN. Teach your kids to wash their hands often and lead by example. This is the most valuable advice.  

Enjoy all of the beauty that comes with Winter and use our tips to be prepared for the yuckiness that accompanies it as well! If your workplace has an illness outbreak, give us a call to do Commercial Sanitization on the property.

Prepare Your Home for Winter

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

A red house covered in white snow with the SERVPRO logo in the bottom right corner Use these tips to prepare your home before the snow falls.

Winter is quickly approaching us here in West Virginia. Leaves are starting to change color and you can feel the cool, brisk air in the morning. With winter usually comes heavy snowfall and winter storms sweeping across Central West Virginia. What does this mean for your home? We will share a few tips with you so that you may prepare your home for the winter months and possible winter storms to come.

  • First things first, you should test your heating unit. If it is an older one, it is a good idea to have it inspected by an HVAC professional. The worst thing that can happen is a blizzard coming through and you are stuck in a cold home because you forgot to check your furnace prior to winter!
  • This may seem trivial, but you should also reverse your ceiling fans. If your fan has the capability to reverse the direction that it spins, it will produce an updraft and push the warm air down towards the floor.
  • Check your roof for loose or missing shingles. Fix these as soon as possible to prevent any leaks from rain or snow.
  • Seal your windows and doors with caulk to keep your home insulated.
  • Clean your gutters. If your gutters are full of debris and we get a large snowstorm, once the snow melts it will causse the water to back up against the house and cause leaks.
  • Turn off exterior faucets. Leftover water in pipes can freeze and cause pipes to burst which can cause a large water loss.

Doing these things will keep your home comfortable and safe for winter. If a winter storm does hit our area and your home experiences damage due to damaged shingles or gutters, give us a call.

Our Construction Team

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damaged floor. Bright opened door to the right. Destroyed cabinets and counter in center of image. This kitchen damage was caused by a recent fire.

Not only does SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley have trained production professionals that can tackle any job that comes to them, but we also have a skilled Construction Division. Our Construction Manager, Casey McFann, has been in the construction industry for 15 years and is a Certified Level II Proficient in Xactimate. Recently our team was sent to Belle, West Virginia to help with a heavy fire damaged house. The kitchen needed extensive demolition as well as surrounding rooms. With the help of our Mitigation Construction crews, we got the house restored. Included in the home's reconstruction was new electric, flooring, paint, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets and tile backsplash, and a floor to ceiling tile walk-in-shower. We were happy to help them after their loss. Our construction team at SERVPRO of North Kanawha and Teays Valley always makes sure that the SERVPRO standards are met. If you have any more questions about SERVPRO and the services we offer, give us a call.

What is flash flooding?

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Austin and Cole in Nitro, WV preparing for flood relief Cole (technician) and Austin (marketing representative) prepare the van for flood cleanup.

Earlier this month, central counties in West Virginia were hit by flash flooding from the heavy rainfall that hurricane Ida brought. In this blog, we are going to talk about what flash flooding is and what affects it can have on your home or business. 

According to the National Weather Service, flash flooding is "flooding that begins within 6 hours, and often within 3 hours, of the heavy rainfall (or other cause)." Flash floods mostly occur from extremely heavy rainfall but can also happen if a dam or levee breaks, or if there is a mudslide. 

Flash flooding can cause tremendous damage to homes and businesses. A lot of the time, this type of intense flooding can carry large debris like boulders and trees. This and even just the force of the water alone can easily cause structural damage to a building, and ultimately flood it inside. This then affects your belongings and possibly your own life. 

If your home or business was affected by the flash floods in West Virginia this month and you have noticed water damage or mold, please give us a call. We would be happy to give you a free estimate and get your home back to pre-flood conditions.

National Preparedness Month and What SERVPRO is Doing for it

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

National Preparedness Month, green background with equipment surrounding National Preparedness Month occurs every September and lasts for the entire month.

As August ends, we can now set our eyes to National Preparedness Month! Every September is National Preparedness Month, where the entire nation raises awareness about preparing for a disaster that can happen anywhere and anytime. What is SERVPRO doing for National Preparedness Month? Each week there will be a theme with a total of 4 themes in September. The themes include: “Make a plan”, “Build a Kit”, “Prepare For Disasters”, and “Teach Youth About Preparedness”. Each theme will give you instructions on what is the best way to prepare you and your family for a disaster. What about Commercial buildings? What about your company’s safety? Look no further with SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan. With this plan it will give you, your residents, and SERVPRO the knowledge to prevent as much damage as possible. If you would like to have an ERP on your Commercial Building to ensure safety to anyone in the building, call SERVPRO today! We can send a representative to your location and get you started. The process of setting it up does not take long and is completely free. Call 304-755-9510 and ask us about setting up an ERP in your location!

Can You Feel the Heat?

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

A heat wave comes through Kanawha and Putnam Counties today. The areas in orange are those affected by the heat wave. Stay safe West Virginia!

A heatwave is making it's way through most of West Virginia today, and while we all enjoy the nice warm summer days, this heatwave is far from enjoyable. Some key tips to remember when you see a heatwave on the weather forecast:

1. Drink before you realize you're thirsty. If you have reached the point of being thirsty, you are probably already dehydrated.

2. Stay inside in the air conditioning if possible. 

3. Keep outdoor activities to the early morning and evening. The hottest time of day is typically between 11 A.M. and 2 P.M, and is not the ideal time to do outdoor activities. 

4. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated/sugary drinks. These do not hydrate you and instead can cause you to dehydrate quicker. 

5. If you notice you are getting dizzy and lightheaded, sit down inside and sip on cool water. If your condition does not get better or worsens, seek professional medical assistance. 

Stay safe today West Virginia!

Cleaning Your Gutters

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

Colorful leaves clogging a roof gutter Clean gutters are not hard to achieve. All you need is a sturdy ladder and a gutter scoop!

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility. There is a lot of regular maintenance that needs to be done that you don't think about when you rent, like keeping your gutters clean. Having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis is necessary for many reasons, the most important being that clogged gutters will eventually cause water damage to your home. We know how much rain we get here in Kanawha and Putnam Counties. In the springtime it almost feels like it rains for days without stopping. If your gutters are clogged, they will cause rainwater to overflow and damage your roof which means...leaking. 

The easiest way to clean your gutters on a regular basis is to use a gutter scoops to remove all of that nasty gunk from the gutter. You will need a sturdy ladder placed on a level surface. After all of the debris is removed, you can use a garden hose to flush the gutters and downspouts. Doing this will also allow you to see if you have any existing leaks that need addressed. 

That's all there is to it. And now that you know how easy it is, there's no reason to put it off any longer. Go clean those gutters!


7/28/2021 (Permalink)

Picture of a storm cloud over the globe with SERVPRO Storm written over top No matter the size of the disaster, SERVPRO Storm Team can assist a franchise with capacity and resources to get the damages restored!

There is a long list of reasons why SERVPRO is the premier choice for cleanup and restoration. We brag about our efficiency and professionalism, our technology and equipment. But something that sets us even more apart from the others is our ability to respond to the volume that a major storm event causes.

A large storm event caused by flood, fire, or other natural disaster that surpasses the local franchise's capacity to service in a timely manner can be taken care of by the SERVPRO System. When a storm event like this occurs, The SERVPRO System can provide state of the art restoration services through the best area coverage in the restoration industry. SERVPRO Storm Teams mobilize their crews and are deployed with additional equipment and crews to service property owners, no matter the loss size.

When a storm event occurs and there is major damage, SERVPRO comes together as One Team to help!