Recent Before & After Photos

Local home with water damage.

This local home had its hot water tank burst causing water damage to multiple rooms. The technicians had to remove the flooring in this room to ensure that the... READ MORE

We're not cleaning just your home anymore...

To some our vehicles are just as important as the homes that we have. This car was brought to us after it had been stolen and trashed on the inside and out. T... READ MORE

Local assisted living center

Spring rains in West Virginia can be torrential at times. This happened to be one of those times. This large local assisted living center took on a tremendous... READ MORE

Upholstry Cleaning

Everyone knows SERVPRO for their Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration but we are much more than that. Upholstery cleaning is one of our niches. While we do ... READ MORE

Post Construction Cleaning

A construction company was brought to do some much-needed remodeling. While core drilling for new electrical, it created quite the mess. So they called SERVPRO... READ MORE

Day of Caring

Giving back to our community is very important to all of us here at SERVPRO. This day was no exception. Every year we spend a day with volunteers from our com... READ MORE

From Start to finish.

This local home in Charleston, WV started as biohazard mitigation, due to being over ran with animals. The mitigation to the home started by stripping the hous... READ MORE

Cleaning of furniture after fire in home

Our SERVPRO technicians recently were able to assists a tenant with her contents after a fire in the home she was renting. Working with our customer we help in... READ MORE

Soot cleaning at a courthouse annex

A small fire broke out at a nearby courthouse. There wasn't much fire damage but rather the a residue left from the first extinguisher. There was a fine layer... READ MORE

When the storm water takes over!

Kanawha, Putnam and surrounding Counties may not get the bulk of category 3 or 4 hurricanes, but we are usually in the path of the remnants. This is true of sto... READ MORE