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Four P’s in a Pot

5/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Four P’s in a Pot First call plumber. Second call SERVPRO!

We are all guilty of flushing things down the toilet that do not belong. Whether it’s baby wipes or your kid seeing how many tissues they can fit into the toilet bowl, we have all seen the ups and downs of a toilet clog. It is encouraged that people stick to the “Four P’s” when it comes to what gets flushed: pee, poop, puke, and (toilet) paper. That leaves a lot of room for all of the things that do not belong in your Jon. Here’s a handy list of some things that could potentially clog your sewer pipes in your home or business…

  1. Feminine products
  2. Baby wipes—yes, even the ones they say are flushable
  3. Cooking grease/food
  4. Dental floss
  5. Q-Tips
  6. Cotton balls
  7. Pills –(also a potential environmental problem)
  8. Tissues
  9. Paper towels
  10. Cigarette butts (Ha, Ha, we said butt)

Now that we have covered what not to flush… take a look at some of the odd things people have sent through the pipes…

  1. Civil War Cannon Shell
  2. A Training bra
  3. A $70,000 diamond ring
  4. False teeth
  5. Money
  6. Cell phones
  7. A squirrel
  8. Family pictures
  9. A bag of sea shells
  10. A wig

Check out this article at for poops & giggles.

Kanawha Valley’s Mightiest Heroes

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Kanawha Valley’s Mightiest Heroes SERVPRO'S mightiest Heroes are Here to Help in Charleston,WV and the surrounding area.

You experience an awakening in the middle of the night by a strange loud sound. You jump out of bed to notice you are standing on a shocking amount of saturated carpet. You have now come to the unsettling conclusion that your water heater has sprung a leak. This will undoubtedly send you into quite a fury. Fortunately, all you have to do now is make the call for SERVPRO® to assemble the crew.  Most houses are not shielded from water or fire damage, nor do they have the eye of Agamotto to reverse time. However, SERVPRO® is always here to save the day. 

            When it comes to structural damage, we may not have Stark Industries technology; but, we do have the latest “state of the art” restorative equipment that the industry offers today.  Our inventory ranges anywhere from air movers and dehumidifiers, to air scrubbers and HVAC duct cleaning machines.  Whenever Thanos snaps in your home, we can clean the thick layer of dust out of your ductwork, registers, and fog a pleasant anti-microbial deodorizer through the cold air return. You will marvel at the job we have done. SERVPRO® technicians are equipped with custom manufactured restorative products, making SERVPRO® the guardians of everything you hold dear.

            Thanks to social media, yellow pages, word of mouth, etc. it does not take an interstellar pager to contact SERVPRO®. The Avengers of all things unclean are available 24/7/365 and are faster to any sized disaster. All our technicians have been thoroughly trained and are experienced to meet all your restoration needs. SERVPRO® conveniently has over 1,700 locations so you do not have to shrink down to the quantum realm in order to find us. Next time your home or business is exposed to a disaster, call SERVPRO® of North Kanawha Valley’s Mightiest Heroes.

Extraction Sucks

2/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Extraction Sucks Production Team Leader Jason Vinyard extracting water in a local commercial building.

Lately we have been hearing stories of some restoration companies in our area not doing an initial extraction of standing water during a water damage.

They are telling the customer that that is what the drying equipment is for and it’s just a waste of time to suck the standing water out.

Although there are very rare cases, such as when a concrete floor has sufficient floor drains to carry off excess water where we would not have to extract, in most cases we will have to extract some water. One of the reasons I suspect that other companies do not want to do an initial extraction is cost. The drying equipment used on a water loss is usually the most expensive part of the restoration process and the longer it takes to dry the more money these said companies make. The water extraction step removes the majority of the water from your home or business. By performing a thorough water extraction, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals help reduce the drying time, thus saving you money on drying time as well as to help to prevent mold and other secondary water damage. Our highly trained technicians will begin the water removal process almost immediately upon arrival on a water loss using powerful pumps, truck-mounted vacuum units, or portable extraction machines to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from the properties we are restoring.

If you find yourself in need of a truly professional restoration company, call the professionals at SERVPRO of North Kanawha Valley. One of the reasons we are better is because we suck.

Serving those who serve

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Serving those who serve Thank You to our veterans and their families for the sacrifices that are made.

Every once in a while, we get the chance to run into a previous customer. This time, just so happened to be at one of our most recent continuing education classes. On this day while we were waiting for the instructor to start the second of two classes, a conversation was started about the military because several of the participants in the class were prior service veterans. Afterwards, when we were caught up in our conversations a gentleman began telling a tale about when he was called back to duty after 9/11, and how his household was hit with a catastrophe and need our assistance. Before being able to really tell his whole story the class started and cut his story short. Just the next day after returning to the office, we received and email finishing his story.

So we would like to share his story with you:

As always it was a phenomenal experience having your team provide us with our required ethics course. They represented SERVPRO extraordinarily well, much like my personal experience when I suffered a basement water loss in my own residence.

While I was retiring from an honorable career of military service, the Trade Center tragedy occurred and caused the services to reach out and return many of us back to active duty (Stop Loss). Having just retired and moved my family and belongings to our new home in Dunbar, West Virginia, I shrugged my shoulders and returned to service as ordered. No one knew when the Stop Loss would end. Two and a half years later, I was able to finally enter retirement and rejoin my family. Being away from home was what my particular service specialty became used to. Even the capability for others to help take care of my family’s needs while I’m away was something the military installations did well. In this rare Stop Loss condition, there was no one in the civilian world that we could count on, with the exception of a hand full of elderly family members.

About two or three months after leaving the family in Dunbar to once again deploy to the desert, my wife was able to contact me and our insurance agent, who recommended SERVPRO® of North Kanawha Valley and Teays Valley to remediate the flooded basement. Today we still tell everyone we know about our SERVPRO® of North Kanawha Valley and Teays Valley experience and try to provide your contact information. I was impressed, through my wife’s reports while I was deployed, that SERVPRO attacked the job like a well-oiled military machine. She explained that the entire team was friendly, supportive and they all appeared to know their roles and set out to ensure they saved our basement from further damage. One of SERVPRO’s technicians found the water heater pop off valve stuck in the drywall about eight feet away. It must have been quite the explosion by the brand new water heater that had been installed. Fortunately, no one was injured, and SERVPRO worked to get the water damage under control in just a few hours. It’s important to note that SERVPRO worked directly with our homeowner's insurance carrier to ensure our residence was once again made functional for our family to enjoy. My remaining family never had to go to a hotel or stay with another family member due to SERVPRO’s immediate responsiveness. They live up to their slogan, Like it never even happened®. You could tell their work ethic and customer centric culture means you can rely on them to walk the walk and talk the talk. The Cooper family cannot thank you enough or say enough about how satisfied we were that you had our backs!

Cooper Family

Water Water Everywhere!

2/10/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Water Everywhere! Busness_Commercial_job

Water leaks within a home or business can seep into carpet, flooring, baseboards, and walls while moving throughout the structure.  SERVPRO of North Kanawha Valley/ Teays Valley Franchise Professionals understand how disruptive water damages can be for a family. Water leaks in a business can not only disrupt the facility, but also can interrupt day to day business functions, which could possibly close the business and affect revenues. 

Timely mitigation is key to the restoration process.  Quick response time helps ensure that damage is contained and the restoration process begins promptly. This saves on the amount of damage, cost of claims, and assists in reducing losses from business interruption due to a loss.  Timely and proper water mitigation will also help keep mold from developing which could cause people to become ill!  SERVPRO Professionals will be able to identify water regardless of where it hides. Your local SERVPRO Franchise Professionals cover the Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas.  We offer 24-hour emergency response from our trained professionals to help make it "Like it never even happened."

            Leak Prevention Tips

  •   Check roof for deterioration.  
  •   Check gutters and downspouts.
  •   Check basements and crawl spaces for moisture.
  •   Check appliances in kitchens, break rooms, and cafeterias.
  •   Check sinks and toilets in bathrooms.
  •   Check HVAC for leaks and blockages. 

2015 in the Kanawha Valley

1/4/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage 2015  in the Kanawha Valley 2015 Christmas Day Flooding

As we look back on our year at SERVPRO, we are filled with thankfulness at the year we have had.  The year started off cold and blustery. This brought with it frozen water pipes and many water damages. As we end 2015 we are surrounded by many water emergencies from the recent Christmas flooding. In between all of these water issues we have seen our share of fire and mold remediation oppertunities. We couldn’t be more thankful that it was a successful year and that we were able to help people in their time of need. We are happy to be able to stand behind our motto, “Like it Never Even Happened.” Here’s to 2016 and all that it may bring.