Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Garage filled with smoke, soot, and burnt debris. Including the homeowners car.

Local home caught fire in the middle of the day.

Local home in Putnam County caught fire in the middle of a work day.  Thankfully the fire was caught early and the majority of the damage was to the garage of the home.  The exterior door between the home and the garage made a huge difference in the amount of damage that the interior of the home obtained. 

Smoke from fire which happened under standing fish tank in residential home

Fire under Fish Tank

SERVPRO was able to help a local resident that suffered a fire in their home.  A fire started under standing fish tank in residential home, causing not only smoke but water damage as well.  

A grill caught fire and scorched the side of this home.

Grill Fire Safety

Causes of Grill Fires:

*Cooking requires attention, and barbecuing is no exception.

*Eleven percent of home grill structure fires began when an outside wall caught fire.  Six percent began with some type of structural member or framing.

*Position the grill away from the home and from other things that can burn

*In roughly one of every five fires, the grill had not been cleaned.  To prevent fires, keep the grill clean.

July (17%) is the peak month for grill fires, followed by May (14%), June (14%), and August (13%).  Three percent of the fires occurred in each of the winter months of December, January, and February.

Smoke and soot covered the walls of this bathroom after a small trash can fire.

Fire damage at local shelter

Local shelter had a small fire but with significant smoke damage.  We were able to go in and get the damage cleaned up.  Getting them back in working condition so that they could get back to taking care of our community.

Media Blasting done with baking soda on a soot covered brick fireplace.

Soda blasting

Soot from a fire in this home caused the brick on this fire place to become what appeared to be a challenging task.  With no surprise we have a way to clean just about anything you can imagine.  This particular fire place was cleaned with a soda blaster, this particular process is similar to power washing but no where near abrasive.  It is water less and done with high pressure and baking soda.       

Burnt and soot covered windows and curtain in a house fire.

One rough flip

Local property flipping company purchased this property.  In the process of remolding the home the home was part of an act of arson.  We were called into help with the restoration process so that they could proceed with their remodel.