Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage under sink causing cabinet flooring to fall apart

What's under your sink?

How often do you check and clean out under your bathroom sink? This picture is a great reminder that any where there is a pipe or plumbing there can be a leak.  Be sure the check your pipes and plumbing areas often so this doesn't happened to you.  SERVPRO worked in this customer's home in an upstairs bathroom that leaked into several rooms on the lower level as well.

A kitchen remodel/upgrade after a water damage mitigation.

Kitchen Remodel

We received a call to do an estimate for a full kitchen remodel. Upon arrival and starting the estimate the homeowner informed our construction manager that there dish washer line busted the night before.  Causing water damage to her floor.  Our guys were able to respond and start the dry out on the kitchen floor.  Only a couple days later and Brian was able to begin remodeling the kitchen.

Hallway with newly installed drywall by the construction division after a water damage.

From Start To Finish

Regardless of the damage, our construction crew is able to do the put back on nearly any job.  Our teams take pride and restoring the customers home or business back "Like it never even happened".

Ceilings that have fallen after a water leak on the second floor.

Oh Snap!!

In January a cold snap that lasted nearly 303 hours straight damaged many properties residential as well as commercial.  No one was expecting the below freezing temperature's to last as long as they did.  We had an enormous amount of different issues that came from the cold snap, frozen water pipes were a large number of them. 

Soggy carpet in an office after a hot water tank leaked over the entire weekend.

Busted Hot Water Tank

Monday, Monday, Monday unfortunately we are not the only ones who occasionally have a bad Monday!

We walked into the office this morning to the phone ringing: it was a good customer calling to let us know that they walked into the office this morning to a mess and were in desperate need of our help. A hot water tank had leaked over the weekend and they had standing water in several areas.

We were able to respond within the hour to get the remediation started to lessen the severity of the damage.  

Multiple rooms were affected which resulted in the carpet and walls needing to be dried.

 Thankfully with the knowledge and  expertise that SERVPRO of North Kanawha Valley has, we were able to get the water extracted and start the drying process. When we left the site the office was back in working order.     

New Dodge Sprinter Van.

New Van for Charleston, WV area

SERVPRO of North Kanawha Valley is expanding!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to expand our services to the Charleston, WV area. This new vehicle will enable us to be even Faster to any sized disaster. The quicker we can respond to a disaster the better. A lot of damage can be averted by not allowing secondary damage to occur from a water emergency in your home, or business. The faster SERVPRO can extract standing water and start the drying  process the better. This new Vehicle will allow us to continue to provide the great service our customers have grown to appreciate.