Storm Damage Photo Gallery

a unique high altitude view of a cloud burst in the mountains

Micro Burst

While the micro burst in Kanawha and Putnam counties have been less frequent this year than they were last year.  We were able to capture a unique view of what a micro burst looks like from a high altitude.  A micro burst is sinking air in a thunderstorm that spreads only about 2.5 miles wide. Causing heavy rain fall and sometimes high winds.  Micro burst can pose a threat to life and property.  Check out this website to learn more about Micro burst and how to prepare for them.

Damage to home, fence, and heat pump from tree falling on it and

Tree damage to outside of home after wind storm

SERVPRO was able to help out insured after a wind storm caused a tree to fall on their home.  The tree caused damage to the heat pump, fence, siding, gutter and even the chimney cap.

Mud around the door after localized flooding

Localized flooding

Spring is known for spring showers but sometimes mother nature takes it one step to far.  The downpour flooded places it normally wouldn't have flooded leaving people in a panic and homes and businesses a muddy mess.

Mold infested drywall and standing water inside of local EMS building after the 2016 floods

Local Ambulance Authority

Even the emergency professionals are not exempt from the flood waters.  This property was another that ended up with feet of water in the building.  Just as the water entering the building, the growth on the walls didn't take it's time either. 

A flooded basement after the water had receded and there was minimal standing water.

When the water recedes.

Once the water recedes, the clean up may then begin.  This basement at one time was completely full of flood waters.  Once the water receded we were able to gain access to the home, we were then able to begin working.

Our SERVPRO vans outside of a local worship center after localized flooding.

Local Worship Center

Unfortunately heavy rain happens frequently and often out of no where.  On this day we were sitting in our office, the sun was shining, and the sky was beautiful.  Then all of the sudden the phone began ringing off the hooks, it was then that we realized that less than 10 miles away our capital city was in the process of being drowned by a cloud burst.  We were quickly sent out into our community to access the damage.  That is when we were called to this local worship center that had taken in a substantial amount of storm drain water.  Thankfully we were able to start their remediation almost immediately to keep from upsetting any daily routines.