What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

They are amazing.  Fast, courteous, and hardworking.  I was impressed with their professionalism. 

Absolutely Great!!  10++

Very pleased with the work that Jason & Brittany did.  Great Job!

you have some well-mannered employees working for your company. The two guys that came out to the job last Saturday also came to the Hale St job, and they are both hard workers, and they are both extremely respectful of me. The two supervisor level employees that have worked with me on these jobs were also very easy to work with and helpful. I have a lot of properties that I manage and this place will drive me crazy some days! So I like to keep it light, and not be so serious all the time and your guys just took it in stride and I liked that. Often people are difficult to work with, so it’s been refreshing working with your company. I just thought you may like to know that, because it will certainly play a big part in determining who I call when something else comes up at one of my properties.

I cannot believe those stains came out! The last cleaning company we used could not remove them.

We have used SERVPRO for the last two years on multiple losses, and you have always been right there for us when we need you. Thanks for your quick response! We are really glad we have partnered with SERVPRO for our cleanup needs.

You guys are THE best! I can't thank you enough for taking care of my properties. No matter what kind of emergency I have, you come through for me. I never want to have to call you, but I'm glad your there when I have to. SERVPRO has helped me through water damages, fire damages, and deodorization problems in many of my properties and each time they have gone above and beyond my expectations.